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Dec 1, 2018

"Acts of Kindness"


​2300 E Baristo Rd, Palm Springs, CA 92262

MON. FEB. 4, 2019 6pm

From the writer of The Unexpected, Assumptions, Aspire to Inspire and The One Year Pact, Gina Carey, Gina Carey Films now brings you 2 more extraordinary films , Acts of Kindness & Rose England.


1hr 37 min Acts of Kindness ( PG) Family Comedy

When a geeky mysterious family dressed like makeshift superheros, "The Pinkaltoons", rent a home located in the midst of an overly judgmental and strict community, it becomes very clear, straight from the start, that the couple who run the neighborhood watch, "The Lanzoni's”, rule this town with an iron fist and that everything will be fine as long as nobody breaks their impossible rules. Meanwhile, as the community tries to figure out who these masked geeks are, The Pinkaltons stay on their angelic mission to spread love by doing Acts of Kindness and touching many hearts. Although their intentions are completely innocent, will the community's misconceptions of their appearance and unwavering assignment blockade their final mission?

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