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"The Unexpected", Gina Carey, is an emotional faith based, fiction, short story about a teenage girl named “Samantha Burkmore” and her difficult and uncertain journey to adulthood. Samantha, the only child of Mr. & Mrs. Burkmore, the wealthiest couple in Burkmore, soon find themselves dealing with an unexpected event that will change the course of their lives forever.
ASPIRE TO INSPIRE ( Vimeo On Demand)
Aspire to Inspire envelopes the stories of five courageous people who share their testimonials of triumph through tragedy.You will find yourself inspired by the willingness of these individuals, against all odds, to to press forward and refuse to stay stuck in a place in time. Take a journey will them as they " Aspire to Inspire"
GINA CAREY FILMS presents " THE ASSUMPTIONS" . The Assumptions follows the life’s journey of Moses, a newborn baby abandoned to the streets by his 14 year old mother and Ethel, the homeless woman who finds and raises him.
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