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Jan 01, 2020

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Domingo Winstead

Gina Carey knows how to put the best cast together. When you all have the same vision and are family that gives more power to the actor to be creative. She's a special person and if you ever get a chance to meet her you will be blessed!


Domingo Winstead

Sep 12, 2016

Singer / Musician

Barry Minniefield

Well my dear Gina I'm so proud of you doing this project will such professionalism  I've done several projects in this business and you are right up there, especially when you've done it all I take my hat off to you hopefully one of these days we can do a project together!!! Keep up the good work. 

Barry Minniefield 

Jan 01, 2020


Steven Ciceron

Director Gina Carey is a great Director.  She is professional and organized and most efficient. She is able to convey her overall vision of the film so actors have a framework from which to work.  She knows how to give direction without force or anger as some Directors do, and allows for an open dialogue to occur to discuss any creative differences if any were to develop. She has excellent communication skills and also has the necessary skills of group leadership. She is also very sensitive to the needs of her actors. Moreover, she has an artistic eye to frame shots and to give precise feedback to cast, so everyone can have a unified focus and identical vision for the completed film. I was amazed at her ability to maintain a singular focus even in the stressful, fast-paced environment of a film set. I think the biggest compliment I could give Gina Carey is to answer the question: Would I work for Gina Carey again.......you bet I would!


Actor Steven Ciceron

Jan 01, 2020


Diana Hintergardt

Working as an actor on the set of a Gina Carey film was literally life changing for me. She creates an environment that is so professional and that is so extremely supportive that I immediately felt the safety and comfort needed to bring my character to fruition. Gina brought out qualities and abilities in me that I honestly never knew I had! She is altogether inspiring, brilliant and beautiful! I will forever be grateful for meeting her, and for this tremendous opportunity. 


Diana Hintergardt (Sara)

Jan 01, 2020


Nelia Neal

I responded to a casting call for a Gina Carey Film! I was very excited! The moment, I walked in, I was met with a big hug from Gina. She told me how much she appreciated my coming and that we were all going to have fun. There were hair dressers, make-up artists, boom operators, camera men and food service people. Everyone carried themselves with enthusiasm, professionalism, friendliness and that no one was better than anyone else. Gina would say often “Love You” to anybody and everybody within ear shot. I look forward to working with Gina in the future. Good times!

Sue Neal

Jan 01, 2020



Thank you so much Gina! It was an absolute pleasure working with you, no matter how short it was :) 

Jan 01, 2020


Marcus Lantero

As all film productions...Always a great learning experience! 


Gina was the best...Hope to work with her again.



Jan 03, 2023


Teresa Thomas Stokes

This was my very first time being a participant as an extra. I truly enjoyed & loved it! It was a rewarding experience of a life time! I'd like to Thank Gina very much for allowing me this gracious opportunity! Thank you Jesus!

Feb 23, 2023


Mary Electra

Gina is an extremely creative person, who has a vision with the tenacity to make it happen...I love that...and was honored to be chosen to be a part of your recent vision, the film, Assumptions.  How she maintained a constant smile, while staying patient is a testament to her character and I admire and applaud her for those attributes...It was pure joy...Thank You Gina.... Much success with this endeavor and all others... Blessings..

Love and Light,

Mary Electra

May 28, 2023


Joan Hangarter



I loved working with you, your energy and upbeat attitude never waned, despite record heat and long

hours on the set. You were always

encouraging, no matter how long it took to get the scene right, and had a way of getting

the best performance from all of us  with patience an humor.


I am excited about playing Ethyl, the homeless mother of Moses,with

such a deep spiritual connection for my debut into film. Its with gratitude that I enjoyed the opportunity to be in a film about

life’s choices - dark versus light, good vs evil and watch how you bring this tale together.


I can’t wait to see the finished film and watch the magic you will weave within your story telling. Its an honor

to work with you, your grace and ease make it seem effortless.


Much love….


Joan Hangarter, AKA Joan of Angels!

, AKA Joan of Angels!

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